Non-commercial organization providing assistance to working and street children. Was founded in 1998.


Facilitate poverty reduction among Kyrgyzstan children through protection the right and promoting the interests of street children, developing alternatives to child labour and homelessness and facilitating initiatives among children and their parents.

Center For the Protection of Children provides services to the children with broken social relationships on family and school, who are involved in street living; CPC is also engaged in the work with working children who stay at home but forced to work whole days on street and markets to earn their living. The majority of these children do not have access to education and medical services.


General strategic focuses of CPC activities

  • Protect the right and promote the interests of street children;
  • Provide direct services to street children and enhance the potential of children and their parents;
  • Develop alternatives to child labor and homelessness;
  • Mobilize children and their parents for effective implementation of their rights

CPC has well-adjusted methodology which is used in the work with target group. Methodology was developed gradually with consistency and based on target group needs and problems. CPC has worked out methods of working with the child and his family which are continuously enhanced.

Engagement of target group to CPC project is made trough conducting street work. For the achievement of its mission and to meet the needs of the children CPC uses holistic approach that operates on different levels.

Approach based on short term needs of the children (providing food, shelter, clothing, medical aid)

Approach aimed at sustainable development - focus on various aspects in the lives of children and parents to get long term results: strengthening the potential of children and parents, ensuring access to education and medical services, providing psychological assistance and support in restoring family relations)

IMG 1446Right based approach –focus on raising awareness and implementing children,s right, target group participation for effective lobbing, improving intersector interaction.

During the whole activity period, CPC has been developing and enhancing its work for better efficiency through using new methods. CPC protects the rights of the children and promotes the interests of street children; and work toward changing prejudiced attitude to these children